UniPile 5.0 Features and Price Structure

Feature / Version  Professional  Standard  Basic
Effective Stress Resistance
 Yes  Yes  Yes
Total Stress Resistance  Yes  Yes  Yes
SPT-CPT-CPTU Resistance  Yes  Yes  No
Pile Group Settlement  Yes  Yes  Yes
Residual Load  Yes  Yes  No
Head-Down Test Simulation  Yes  Yes  No
O-Cell Test Simulation  Yes  No  No
Educational Licence  Yes  No  No
Price (Per Licence)      
New User
 $1,950  $1,250  $850
Existing User (Upgrade)
 $1,250  $750  $550


  • Price are in USD and are valid until December 31, 2017
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  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and electronic fund transfer (EFT)
  • Additional discount applies for multiple licences. Contact us or visit our quote page for more information.
  • The purchase of our products involves a single one-time cost
  • No annual or maintenance fees
  • The purchase price includes one year of free technical support (e-mail only) and upgrades