UniSettle4_Demo_Setup.exeThis demo version of UniSettle 4.0 comes with a series of example files and documentation that can be used to evaluate the software.
UniPile5_Demo_Setup.exeThis demo version of UniPile 5.0 comes with a series of example files and documentation that can be used to evaluate the software.
UniSettle4_Demo_Examples.zipUniSettle 4.0 example files with commentary pdf manual. These example files can be used with the demo version of UniSettle 4.0.
UniPile5_Demo_Examples.zipUniPile 5.0 example files with commentary pdf manual. These example files can be used with the demo version of UniPile 5.0.
UniSettle4_Latest_Setup.exeUniSettle 4.0 latest release setup file.
UniPile5_Latest_Setup.exeUniPile 5.0 latest release setup file.
UniSettle4_Release_History.pdfRelease history of UniSettle 4.0.
UniPile5_Release_History.pdfRelease history of UniPile 5.0.
UniSettle4_User_Manual.pdfUniSettle 4.0 user manual.
UniPile5_User_Manual.pdfUniPile 5.0 user manual.
RedBook.pdfA foundation design text book addressing settlement analysis, piled foundations, footings, retaining walls, and vertical drain projects. By Bengt H. Fellenius, Dr. Tech, P.Eng.
Coefficient_Consolidation_Conversion.pdfUseful conversion factors for Coefficient of Consolidation.
Activation_Instructions.pdfSetup and activation procedure for UniSettle 4.0 and UniPile 5.0 on a stand-alone computer or network.
Educational_License_Policy.pdfUniSoft educational license policy.
Subscription_vs_Perpetual_Purchase.pdfSubscription vs Perpetual purchase models.
Terms_and_Conditions.pdfPurchase terms and conditions.
License_Agreement.pdfUniSoft GS software licensing agreement.
Privacy_Policy.pdfUniSoft GS privacy policy.
Setup_Instructions.pdfA document describing the minimum requirements and setup instructions for the UniSettle 4.0 and UniPile 5.0.
UniSettle4_Brochure.pdfUniSettle 4.0 brochure.
UniPile5_Brochure.pdfUniPile 5.0 brochure.
UniSettle4_Prices.pdfUniSettle 4.0 prices and features
UniPile5_Prices.pdfUniPile 5.0 prices and features.
CFPB_BEST_Loading_Test.zipA complete analysis of three of the tests (Pile A3 HD, Pile B2 HD, and Pile F1 BD) and a paper describing the arrangement of the static loading tests performed for the 3rd International Conference on Deep Foundations, Bolivia, April 2017.
Unified_Design_Procedure.pdfExample of the Unified Design procedure by B.H. Fellenius.
Capacity_CPT.pdfThe cone penetrometer test, CPT and CPTu, and its use for determining pile capacity. Several methods employed in current engineering practice are discussed, compared, and applied to a series of case histories. Amongst them, a new method proposed by A. Eslami and B.H. Fellenius. Canadian Geotechnical Journal article.
Soil_CPT.pdfSoil profile interpreted from CPTu data. A paper presenting soil profiling methods using the Cone Penetrometer, CPT and CPTu.
Dragload_Downdrag_1.pdfAsian Journal Discussion on the design for dragload and downdrag (settlement) on piles with recommendation summary.
Dragload_Downdrag_2.pdfThe basics of the Fellenius Unified Pile Design of Capacity, Negative Skin Friction (Dragload and Downdrag), and Settlement. The approach is applied to a case study involving 100 ft to 190 ft long piles and is also a demonstration of the use of UniPile in an engineering project. Paper presented to a New York ASCE seminar in April 1998. The paper quotes several important case histories from the literature.
Modulus_Number.zipDetermining compressibility parameters (C-c, CR, and Janbu Modulus Number, m) from oedometer tests. An EXCEL spreadsheet template that is particularly useful to users of the UniPile and UniSettle software.
Downdrag_Discussion.pdfAsian Journal Discussion on the analysis of dragload and downdrag on piles and comparison of two approaches to the calculation of downdrag (settlement).
Residual_Load_Analysis.pdfA two-part article published in Geotechnical News Magazine. The first part presents aspects of evaluation of strain-gages in instrumented piles with notes on Shift-of-No-Load-Reading and influence of Residual Loads. The second part describes in detail and with examples how to analyze the test data and determine the magnitude and distribution of residual load and true resistance.
Cribsheet.zipAn Excel (xlsx) file developed by Dr. Fellenius containing 8 worksheets with information that is useful when working with the UniSoft programs, such as strength and density classifications, compressibility conversions (conventional <--> Janbu), phase relations (density, water content, void ratio, unique weight), and plot of CPT/CPTu classifications charts (Eslami-Fellenius, Robertson+Campanella, Robertson).
Net_Framework_471.exeMicrosoft.Net Framework 4.7.1
Access_Database_Engine_2007.exeMicrosoft Access Database Engine 2007 Redistributable

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