Our library includes two software applications:

  • UniSettle 4.0: Developed to assist engineers in performing stress and settlement calculations involving complex load combinations and site conditions.
  • UniPile 5.0: To analyze piles and pile groups according to various design methods.  UniPile considers bearing capacity, pile group settlement, negative skin friction, and drag force.  Aspects of drivability and residual stress are also included.  It also simulates the load-movement behavior of the pile in a static Head-Down and Bidirectional (O-Cell) loading test.

Our software applications are compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10 (32 and 64-bit) and fully network compatible meaning that they may be installed on a network and shared with your colleagues (LAN or WAN).

Our products do not come with a Dongle or USB protection.  They are protected using a unique serial number and activation code.

We offer educational licenses to recognized universities.  To be eligible, the educational institution must purchase at least one Professional/Master license of the software (a one-time purchase only).  From there, the university will automatically receive a unique serial number and activation code at the start of each calendar year that can be distributed to students attending the institution.  Our educational license may be installed on a university server for sharing or provided to students for installation on their own computer.